LINUX: Xubuntu 7.10



GTK theme

XFCE theme






10 Responses to “LINUX: Xubuntu 7.10”

  1. Robbie Says:

    I dont know who does all this but I always get so inspired by the desktops you do. I wish there was actually a distro that was this beautiful out of the box.

  2. josekont Says:

    Muy bella imagen!! Felicitaciones haces un excelente trabajo.

  3. Jim Nagy Says:

    Love your work. I have customized my own Linux desktop as follows at my blog
    Keep up the good work…
    Jim from PA.

  4. Arnold L. Johnson Says:

    Your desktops are breathtakingly beautiful, I am so inspired. I also enjoy using Xfce desktop more than the others. I have Xubuntu 7.10 on my main box and Wolvix on my spare. Xfce looks good on any distro I’ve tried so far.

  5. Eis auf dem See « Dudley’s Blog Says:

    […] auch verantwortlich sind den gestern vorgestellten Login Screen. Aber auch der neueste Streich, ein wunderschönes xubuntu ist nicht zu verachten. Auf jeden Fall mehr als nur einen Blick wert die Seite – für […]

  6. Arnold L. Johnson Says:

    Hey all, just downloaded openGEU live-CD Linux. It is Ubuntu with Enlightenment 17 plus Xfce on top of Gnome libraries. It looks sweet.

  7. kevin Says:

    damn i fell in love with xfce.. ^^
    used to be a KDE lover, but with those screens of yours, everything just changed! ^^

  8. hieniepsy Says:

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