LINUX: the invasion has begun ….



XFCE/GTK theme

Conky script

XFCE compositing (not running compiz)


The year 2007 will long be remembered as the “INVASION OF LINUX”. I can attribute this to the following factors:

  • The bombing of a long over-due high dollar operating system / greed of said company (patent infringements)
  • The 7.04 release of ubuntu with many other distros following up with a great release of their own
  • Dell and other manufactures offering Linux on their desktops/laptops
  • Linux sites doubling/tripling in activity from last year


It seems these days “LINUX” is the buzz on news sites, blog sites, and most importantly other OS sites. I cannot remember a time when I have scrolled through the news and saw the word “LINUX” used so many times. There are so many great distros out there now, I want to download them all.


In the last month I have tried simplymepis, sabayon, Fedora, OpenSuse, and the latest build of Kubuntu. All of these are great releases with stunning graphics, 3D desktop acceleration (out of the box) and offer a full suite of office applications.


Sabayon was installed on my kids (8and11) computer (they have always been other OS users, and they use the shiny fruit computers at school), dual booting with the other OS just in case. BTW sabayon will run compiz from the live CD – WOW! Since installing sabayon they have not booted into the other OS not even one time! I am a PROUD DAD!


The other day my 8-year old sent me an email with an attachment (text file created in sabayon), I was at work when I received it (we use that other OS at work) and the thing would not open it and I was like YES YES, it was so cool. However it did open just fine when I got home.


In conclusion I would like to say the Penguins have invaded computer land and they are here to stay! There is nothing any big company can do to stop the invasion no matter what silliness they come up with next.


4 Responses to “LINUX: the invasion has begun ….”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Right on man! I have been a total linux user for 5 months and I haven’t turn back to the other OS yet. I actully love using linux. So many options and they are all free!

  2. ItWorksOnLinux Says:

    I’ve been running the latest OpenSUSE (10.3 – please don’t boo me b/c of the Novel/MS deal :/ ), and it is definitely another solid desktop contender.

    After some initial headaches getting proprietary device drivers up during install, the platform is solid and yast2 makes it very newbie friendly to configure.

    Of course, I’m only running it for another week. I won’t be able to resist installing Ubuntu 7.10 after it’s officially released.

  3. xaro Says:

    You are so right man. I feel the same way. Open source is the future. I personally use mandriva, one of the easiest and most complete distro. It is a real alternative for beginners.

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