Linux: let the good times roll …



XFCE Theme (Daloa – comes with xfce)


XFCE is a great window manager, much faster than Gnome or KDE. It has built-in compositing, and everything that I have installed has worked right away. I am very impressed with this light-weight WM.


The built-in compositing adds transparencies as well as shadows, although it is NOT compiz-fusion it does have a natural feel to it. Unfortunately there are two things it falls short on: 1. No shadow behind the panel. 2.If you make the panel transparent, the icons go with it. By the way, compiz-fusion works great with XFCE.


I really like the file manager – THUNAR, wow, light-weight, very-fast, just very COOL. There is one down-fall here, support for network shares are non-existent (there is a work-around by mounting then putting a short-cut) but I think the next release will support this.


Can we ever just get rid of winblows, cheese and bread mon, it just wont go away !!! Virtual-Box has finally gotten it right all my USB devices work now including the blackberry. Anyway at least I dont have to actually boot into windows or have a windows partition.


Overall XFCE is a real contender for the WM position, I cant wait for the next release.


4 Responses to “Linux: let the good times roll …”

  1. ItWorksOnLinux Says:

    You always hear about how XFCE runs well on old desktops collecting dust in the corner of the office, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone demonstrate how slick of an interface it can be with compositing. Great work! And thanks for plugging my new website in the screenshots as well 🙂

  2. studiotwentyone Says:

    Thanks and great website ! 🙂

  3. iamshaon Says:

    Thank you for this great site & for using my wallpaper too.

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