Linux: beyond the horizon



compiz-fusion theme 



5 Responses to “Linux: beyond the horizon”

  1. mono Says:


  2. Ubuntu Life » Blog Archive » Beyond the horizon Says:

    […] Y si te gusta personalizar tu escritorio, no dejes de visitar Studio 21. Es un sitio web que periodicamente va subiendo nuevos temas, a cada cual mejor. El ultimo para Compiz Fusion esta muy bien: Beyond the horizon […]

  3. ItWorksOnLinux Says:

    I liked this screenshot so much, that I went and grabbed the same wallpaper for myself. Are you running Kubuntu here?

  4. studiotwentyone Says:

    yes Kubuntu, but now I moved on to XFCE (oh so SNAPPY) 🙂 also d/l’d sabayon…. and running from live dvd …very cool stuff.

  5. ItWorksOnLinux Says:

    can you run compiz-fusion on top of xfce?

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