Linux: a new day is dawning.




c-fusion theme

gnome panel




Shift Plugin for compiz-fusion:

I followed this guide.



4 Responses to “Linux: a new day is dawning.”

  1. ParanoiaHax Says:

    surely, Beryl can do all of this? I mean I love it, it’s absolutely amazing! yet, can’t Beryl just do the same? Cos I’ve got Beryl installed at the moment, but I’m wondering to switch cos Compiz looks nice also, and I am open minded so will give things a try!

  2. Top Posts « Says:

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  3. ItWorksOnLinux Says:

    I’m looking forward to trying out some of these themes. I -finally- got a real video card into one of my Linux boxes and got the new compiz-fusion working in Fedora7 last night.

    Also, have you switched to Opera now?

  4. MikeDK Says:

    Hi just wanne say you’ve done some good work on those screens not bad at all.
    gonna take a look on the guide, just wanna know is it the compiz-fusion shift-plugin? or is it beryl ? Kind Regards MikeDK

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