Linux: create your world.





9 Responses to “Linux: create your world.”

  1. pexi Says:

    Hi! I like to much your settings, could you share your awn config?

  2. studiotwentyone Says:

    awn settings:

    bar appearance
    3d look
    bar angle – 50
    bar height – 37
    icon offset – 14

    main border – color #ffffff opacity-125
    internal border – opacity-0

    glass engine
    first step color – #ffffff opacity-200
    second step color – #000000 opacity-200

    first/second – opacity – 0

    pattern engine – not enabled

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  4. Herold Says:

    hi, this is a very beautiful composion.

    It looks all very nice. But I have two questions.

    1. Which GTK Theme do you use?

    2. Which Emerald Themes is it?

    Thank you and nice greets from Germany!

  5. Rafa Says:

    Hello, I have the have question than Herold. What themes do you use? Where can I find them.
    It’s awesome what you did.

  6. Steffwiz Says:

    what distro is this?

  7. Pedro Says:

    Beautifull!! Could you teel me which is your GTK and Emerald theme are you using? Thanks

  8. Juan Says:

    The distro is Ubuntu, you could see the icon in the menu bar. The Emerald Theme looks like Vista theme.

  9. sniper0269 Says:

    I wish you would read, the post.. There isn’t a theme. The Distro is Ubuntu, to ask a such a question is to prove incompetence and explains the first question. Try installing AWN and reading the second post.


    *LINUX is now open for the n00bs…

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