ubuntu: discover a new world




34.jpgFor those who have recently switched over to opensource software — welcome to a new world. This fascinating world of spinning desktops, burning windows, and bleeding edge software has captivated you and we hope you will stay here. The one thing that I still cannot grasp is how big the opensource community is, with all the Linux distros, applications, and forums. This thing is HUGE! 18.jpgYou will also find that the developers tend to think outside the box and this is what I really like, because no matter what brain-washing you have had, innovation and progressing forward is a good great thing. For those who are thinking about switching. I would like to invite you to try ubuntu as it seems the best choice right now for a novice. If perhaps you are in the market for a new computer please have a look at the new Dell laptops and desktops with ubuntu pre-installed. 43.jpgThe next stop you will want to make in the new world is over at the Linux Action Show, Chris and Bryan have a way with words that really keep you coming back each week to learn more about opensource and the community that surrounds it. These guys really know their stuff and you wont be disappointed. Another great source of information and help is at the ubuntu forums, they have a how-to on just about everything. 25.jpgI believe this forum is one of the reasons that ubuntu has done so well. Once you become familiar with linux try other distros to see which one really fits your needs. Ubuntu is my favorite distro, however there are a lot of other great distros out there for example: opensuse, debian, fedora, and many many more. Another stop on our venue is gnome-look.org, but of course there is kde-look.org and xfce-look.org depending on which desktop manager you use. 52.jpgThis site has everything you need: wallpaper, icons, themes, just about anything a person could imagine. On our last stop is the good folks over at linuxtoday.com and linuxinsider.com who relentlessly give us the opensource news. On a final note, opensource is growing everyday, its people helping people and pushing technology forward and in the future we can expect opensource software will compete directly with commercial software.


desktop configuration:



4 Responses to “ubuntu: discover a new world”

  1. josekont Says:

    Esta excelente!!
    Muy agradable sigue asi! Salu2.

  2. Spam Banjo Says:

    Ubuntu is awesome!!! Since installing I’ve been on a rampage!

    Now I use it at home, work, and laptop… My mom is using it, and I have 6 friends who have all installed it, 2 of them on 2 machines.

    I also have 3 more candidates lined up for an install who just need to get their internet connection sorted before they start as internet is essential for Ubuntu I.M.O.

  3. Spam Banjo Says:

    Might also be worth mentioning that Beryl & Compiz do not handle newer ATI cards too well. I imagine support will improve as time goes by, but I think more input is needed on ATI’s behalf. Nvidia cards and onboard microsoft cards work extremely well straight from installation

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