ubuntu blue



cfusion theme

gtk theme

panel mod






9 Responses to “ubuntu blue”

  1. studio54_old dancer Says:

    Nice looking desk. Would you mind posting your terminal profile? Thanks.

  2. bman Says:

    You don’t happen to have a larger resolution of that wallpaper do you, maybe 1650×1080 or anything larger….

  3. man Says:

    Which font are you using?

  4. studiotwentyone Says:

    I will try to your questions:

    1. nothing special on the terminal – scrollbars off, menubar off – compiz does the rest

    2. sorry, i did not make this wallpaper – a link is posted above.

    3. font: Dejavu Sans Bold size 7

    thanks for your comments 🙂

  5. man Says:

    Wauw… fast reply 😉

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  7. Astor Says:

    Hi, I need your help, Im ok with everything except the gnome-panel I downloaded the mod and did as was instructed but first of all I cant remove the dropshadow, so in the corners I Still have the shadow and second of all with the gtk theme you used, I cant change the font color therefore I cant see the apps, places, or system button text, its all black. what should I do, thanks in advance.

  8. Anton Says:

    Hi, were can i donload this theme? i really want to have it:D

  9. Liter Says:

    Does it work on ubuntu 9.10?

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