ubuntu: radiating beauty



c-fusion theme

gtk theme


One might think that open source software is a beast to work with and that by design its made for hight-tech geeks, but that is all changing. Today we have many choices when it comes to operating systems and while many distros are great I think ubuntu has the best chance of winning over the public. Once the public becomes familiar with Linux then they will be willing to take chances on other distros. This is a great day in the Linux community. The momentum has begun a sharp shift toward open source and it seems it is gaining everyday. Since ubuntu is my primary OS of choice I want everyone to know that there are alternatives to those bigger companies and you dont have to spend a fortune to get the ‘ULTIMATE’ operating system, in fact its FREE.


Gnome is a great window manager for ubuntu. Its simple, light and seems to just work. I have tried KDE and XFCE and I have to say they are both awesome window managers but I just keep coming back to gnome. I believe the next version of KDE may steer me away from gnome, but for now its gnome all the way.


When you think of creating graphics on the PC you most often think of photoshop and rightfully so as the software is used in all professional industries. Adobe photoshop is probably the best graphics program out there period. Having said that, the GIMP is really quite strong at graphics and lets not forget its absolutely free and installed by default in most distros. The GIMP is so powerful that in some aspects it rivals photoshop. I really recommend this software.


What is all the stir lately about linux, all the you tube videos, all the screenshots, what is this bleeding edge software that is ONLY FOR LINUX ? COMPIZ-FUSION !! Let me sum up compiz fusion for you; behind the reflections, behind the transparency, even behind the burning windows and undeneath the writing in fire, what is compiz — its just downright productivity in a box. Fuctionality is supreme to any other operating system. First of all, most expensive OS’s lock you into one desktop so if you have 30 windows open the one you are looking for is somewhere on the desktop or taskbar and it could take sometime to find it and by that time you get distracted or something and forgot what you were look for – FAST FORWARD to COMPIZ – 4 desktops (you can have even more) – simply move your mouse up to the top right corner and you will see all of your windows right in front of you, simply select it and your wisked away to whatever desktop that window is open on. It just makes since and is a very natural way of working. Another great example of productivity is having a ‘clean’ desktop at your disposal at anytime without minimizing or loosing the current windows on that desktop. Simply find an empty spot on the desktop roll the wheel on the mouse once and FLIP, your on a new desktop. There is simply nothing like it period! This is only 2 examples of what this great product can do.


gnome icon(used to make screenshot)

compiz icon(used to make screenshot)


4 Responses to “ubuntu: radiating beauty”

  1. Clifford Says:

    How did you get your panel to be that “Black Transparent”? Is it an image or does it come with the theme?

  2. studiotwentyone Says:

    Not using any specific panel, select black as the color, then select transparency as desired.

  3. Clifford Says:

    Actually, I meant the top panel. It looks “Glassy” and has a shadow…

  4. studiotwentyone Says:

    the panel is just a color with transparency, the shadow comes from compiz fusion

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