reflections of ubuntu


wallpaper pack

c-fusion theme

gtk theme

clear panels (transparent – not using any specific panel)









5 Responses to “reflections of ubuntu”

  1. jrorb3 Says:

    Awesome themes!

    How about a plain-vanilla Metacity theme? Not all of us use compiz or beryl.

  2. ItWorksOnLinux Says:

    Wow! You even made that windows terminal look cool and modern. That’s more than M$ can do. Nice screenshots.

  3. josekont Says:

    Hello friend:
    I have realized that your works are very interesting, the effects that you use and others are very pretty. It always wanted that you authorized to me to be able to modify some of your works and power to publish them in my blog(,
    including your blog like real author of the file. If something this written good is not because I do not speak English, only Spanish and I have used Google Translator, to translate what I have said to you. I wait for your answer. Thanks!
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    Hola amigo:
    Me he dado cuenta que tus trabajos son muy interesantes, los efectos que utilizas y demás son muy lindos. Quisiera que me autorizaras poder modificar algunos de tus trabajos y poder publicarlos en mi blog, siempre incluyendo tu blog como autor real del archivo. Si algo no esta bien escrito es porque no hablo ingles, solamente español y he utilizado Google Traductor, para traducir lo que te he dicho. Espero tu respuesta. Gracias!!
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  4. Top Posts « Says:

    […] reflections of ubuntu [image] […] […]

  5. studiotwentyone Says:

    Sorry for late response:
    to josekont

    I do not want to release my work at this time for modifications, however you may feel free to link to any picture or put any of the pictures on your website.

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