free your desktop …


Free, free, free your desktop !

I have long been a fan of microsoft operating systems, from obtaining my copy of windows 95 the moment it was available, to tweaking Win ME until it was basically Win 98 (to stop the BSOD’s), completing countless installs of 2000/XP, and even achieving my MCSA/MCSE in 2001.

The times are changing and people around it. Apple, now has arguably the best products on the market, Linux has really been taking off this year especially with the release of ubuntu 7.04, it seems their is some steep competition for microsoft.

A Microsoft World

Lets face it we live in a microsoft world and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. While vista has its problems, it is a decent OS but I am not sure it will dominate like XP has. Inevitably it will make its mark as companies have no choice but to upgrade to keep their business going.

How many ways can you split a vista? Why in the world would they make so many different versions? (que the apple commercial: spin the wheel “come on – big operating system”). I mean its silly all the versions, I think its only a marketing strategy to get people to spend more money. I will not start ranting here, lets look at the positive – ubuntu!

A New Day

For me ubuntu has been a blessing! Lets start out listing the things I dont need anymore:

  • virus protection
  • spyware protection
  • software firewalls
  • software that costs boo-koos of dollars

I understand that this OS is not for everyone and in fact does not run on all hardware but it is getting better and better with every release. I really like the fact that the open source community wants to push the edge in technology and are not limited by the buck and who is going to get it. They just push forward and technology grows.

A Couple of Screenshots

As you can tell from the couple of screenshots on this website, ubuntu doesnt look half bad either, in fact I think it holds its own in the modern day operating system theater.

Please enjoy these shots of what I consider to be one of the best operating systems out there.






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  1. Ushare Says:

    I like it very much, thanks!Keep up the good work!

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