ubuntu 7.04 – Feisty Fawn

The best ubuntu yet to date!

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I recently did a fresh install of ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, having wiped my Edgy partition. This OS is very good and every bit on par with the rest of the (modern) OS’s out there. In fact there are features that no other OS even dare come close to.

This all began one night about 2 years ago when I was getting bored with my windows XP laptop. XP was working fine, it would do all I would ever need, but it just lacked in the excitement department, in other words it was the same old hum-drum. I wanted something new, I needed something different. I somehow found my way over to the ubuntu website and downloaded Breezy Badger, while this OS was good the learning curve was steep and I soon found myself staring at XP again. About 6 months later my boredom had returned and was beginning to stink. I soon found myself at the ubuntu site again, this time downloading Dapper and this time I kept it, dual booting with XP. Soon I was beginning to realize that I did not need XP for anything.

The long awaited release of Feisty on April 19th did not disappoint, sadly I am still dual-booting with XP due to OS upgrades for my blackberry, otherwise I do not use it for anything else. I did try vmware in edgy with XP but it has some usb problems.

In conclusion, I do not recommend this OS for everyone as there is a learning curve. Having said that, if you have a little time on your hands and want to push the envelope past bleeding edge ubuntu is for you.

Screenshot above: (created in gimp)
ubuntu 7.04


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